is a 2D action game. Here you incarnate a brave adventurer to face dangerous monsters and quests, you start your journey in the city of Rookgaard, surrounded by vast lands, rich in secrets and mysteries. Join us now, create an account.

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New Client - Tuesday, 09 Mar 2021 - GM Anguish on Nova

There is now a new client available that should feel a lot better than the OTC.
Check the download section!

Please join the discord and give your input on:
Now that we’ve finally got a good client, would you want to help out advertising keeping server online as it is hoping it’ll grow over time? Or would you rather see a fresh server? Obviously the opinions of those that have already started their journey weigh heavy what they want.
Opening a second server is a possibility but that would most likely render Zanera empty as I do not think a new player would pick the old world over a new so feel free to chip and with ideas and thoughts.
Let’s make Tibia great again!

Zanera - Wednesday, 10 Feb 2021 - GM Anguish on Zanera

Welcome adventurer to Zanera!

Rates - 
• Experience Formula is custom (read more below)
• Magic Rate is 4x faster
• Skill Rate is 4x faster
• Spawn Rate is 3x faster

Created 2021-02-09
The world is an authentic copy of 7.4 downgraded from the real 7.7 engine.
• Spells require magic level instead of level, this applies to when you learn spells aswell.
• Experience formula has been changed
     Reach level 2 at 11 experience
     Reach level 8 at 356 experience
     Reach level 100 at 7.001.000 experience
This means that the server is staged but without altering the experience gained from monsters

• Mana & Life regeneration from food, rings & manafluids all is equal to what it was on 7.4
• All mana & magic level requirements is equal to 7.4 except for one spell and that is exeta res it cost 30 mana instead of 90
• Wands & Rods are disabled

We are running OTClient so please report any issues you find @ Discord

Create your account and then your character at Zanera and start your adventure now!

Information - Saturday, 30 Jan 2021 - GM Anguish on Nova

You can find all this information on discord!
Discord Go to the #nova channel

Nova - 7.4 Modifications
Experience rate: 8x
Skills: 4x
Magic rate: 1x
Lootrate: Authentic (1x)


Nova is our starting server that will set whatever modifications we do for the upcoming server or servers in the future.
Nova is to be considered a beta testing server but without any reason for resetting Nova will remain as a fun and experimental server.

Features that has been changed on Nova compared to the Original 7.7 files

 • No more muting
 • No more soul spending on spells that used to require souls
 • You gain 4 times less mana per tick on Nova compared to the original 7.7 values. Why? We've increased how fast you gain magic levels by the same amount and lowered the mana needed for spells to mimic 7.4 values. Essentially you gain the same mana per tick as you did on 7.4.
 • You skill 4 times faster than what you originally did on 7.7. Why? The balancing of 7.7 was heavy favored towards mages, this makes up for it slightly.
 • Wands are no usable, you can still loot them and sell them but you are not able to shoot with them.
 • Spells on 7.7 started to require level rather than magic level, there was no good way to get around this as 7.4 used magic level for spells.


So what did we do? As soon as you reach the level that gives you the required mana to learn the spell you will be able to learn it. 
Examples you gain 5 mana per level while in rookgaard, when you reach level 8 you'll have 35 mana. You go to main and choose sorcerer, you now gain 30 mana per level. At level 9 you have 65 mana and heavy magic missile runes require 70 mana to cast, as soon as you reach level 10 the NPC will allow you to learn the spell.
Same goes for any other spell like sudden death runes, ultimate healing and so on.
The spell level require is actually hardcoded in the server engine and because of that we cannot set a certain level for a sorcerer to learn and spell and another for a paladin.
So there will be some spells that you can learn before you have the mana needed as say, a paladin. 
One example is ultimate healing, it requires 80 mana which a sorcerer or druid has at level 10 while a paladin need to reach level 11 before they have 80 mana and are able to cast the spell.

This isn't of course how we would want to fix this but since there wasn't any other way to fix it and we wanted to downgrade the server towards the 7.4 version it was the only way.

Why downgrade? 
At 7.4 you could make UHs as a druid at level 11 and SDs as a sorcerer at level 15.
At 7.7 you would need level 25 as a druid to make UHs and level 45 to make SDs.

We've had the server online for many many years and one of the "complaints" that we often got was that whenever someone wanted to make a runemaker they would need to level it so far up to even be able to start create runes.


One massive spell change that we've also added that has been very well received is that we removed the possibility to learn find person, so you are NOT able to use exiva.

Why? The reason why players wanted it removed was because of how strong the spell really is. 
You might not share our view on it however consider it from both perspectives;
If you are one to be hunted or PK'd you have a much greater chance of escaping as if you manage to get away from the players that hunts you they might lose you and not find you again.
Equal if you are a PKer or hunting someone they will never be able to know if you are standing around the next corner or not.
If you've just killed a player and are making a run for it, it will be very hard for someone to find you again.

At least in the past this change made for great fun, we are open to changes of this should it be the majority that requests it.

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