Competition on Zanera - Saturday, 10 Apr 2021 - GM Anguish on Zanera

Greetings adventurers

We are now hosting a competition on Zanera.
Whoever is the highest level on Zanera in 1 month (May 10th) after serversave will get a reward of 50 Euro gifted via Paypal.

Remember Zanera is PVP-E with skulls so you do indeed gain experience from killing players.

Time to load up your backpacks with supplies and go to war!
Make sure you are number 1 on the level highscore and get rewarded!


Skull System and Djinns Update - Monday, 05 Apr 2021 - GM Anguish on Zanera

The skull system has been updated.
It is now made so that you get red skull if you kill more than 4 players in one day (serversave) and you get banned if you kill more than 9 players in  one day (serversave).

After each serversave the all your kills gets cleaned so you could essentially kill 4 people 1 hour before serversave and then kill another 4 right after SS and still not get redskulled. 

As long as you do not surpass 4 kills during a server's span between serversaves you will not get RS.

Djinns has also been updated, now you only need to speak with Melchior in Ankrahmun and start the quest for Djinn War and then go to the djinn side you prefer and say the word of greeting then enter. When you get access to the tower you get full access to the djinns without the need of completing the full quest.

Rashid has also been added to the server, he resides in Carlin next to the depot.
For now he will not move around during the week.
You will need to complete a custom quest to be able to sell to him.

Thank you for playing here!
If you haven't joined the discord make sure you do to get the latest updates and to get quick support if you have any questions.

Client Update & Redskull Issue - Friday, 02 Apr 2021 - GM Anguish on Zanera

The client has been updated and can be downloaded, it will automatically update itself in the future.
It isn't enforced yet, meaning the old client will stop working.
So download the new client and report any issues you might have.

There  is or was a bug that caused certain players for some reason to get redskulled after just 1 unjustified kill on Zanera.

I've investigated the issue thoroughly but cannot find what would be the root of the problem.
If you encounter the same issue please report it asap cause then I will bring back the original redskull values but lower timers on amounts. 


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